11 Benefits of E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing.

E-Mail Marketing is one of the best and most effective ways which you can apply to get more out of you brand.

People nowadays say that e-mail marketing is not working now-a-days. The demand of e-mail marketing is getting lower day-by-day. But then why all the big giants are doing it?????

Over the couple of years we have tested with hundreds of clients with email marketing.

We have developed different Landing Pages, N number of Creatives and tracked for Hit germination. Email marketing still give the best ROI ( Return on Investment ).

Source: moz.com

According to Moz , the studies have proved that Email has the highest ROI.

Email marketing is even better than paid search and Social media.

Why Email is better than rest ?

There are numerous reasons why email marketing is doing such great in online marketing.

They are:

  1. Email Marketing is fast.
  2. You can followup your clients easily.
  3. Staying in touch with our clients is relatively easy.
  4. The Investment which you do is relatively low compared to others.
  5. You can hit a bigger audience.
  6. CEO’s and Founders can be directly targeted.
  7. Segmentation is easy.

This is the best things that, I found in email marketing. I always recommend everyone to go for email marketing and see what output and value it is providing for your business.

I have listed 15 Benefits of Email Marketing which I have observed from last 3 years of work in Online Marketing.

11 Benefits of Email Marketing:

1. It’s Super Fast:

Email Marketing is way faster than any of the marketing techniques. You can even start seeing results minutes after you email campaign starts. It starts reaching its audience as soon as you start you campaign.

If you are not using email marketing now and you’re using different marketing platforms. Than you must be knowing that you have wait for weeks after weeks to see your sales and you’re not even sure whether it will give you your desired value or not right ??

Well, You don’t need to wait for that amount of time in email marketing. Results are pretty quick in email marketing service.

2. Its gives you best ROI:

All the giant companies like Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Audi etc. are using Email marketing and they are doing it brutally right ???


Because email marketing services give them the best ROI.

According to a research you get $40 on every investment of $1 isn’t this great ???

I mean who can give you this numbers no one right ?? This is the main reason why email marketing is so popular among the businessmen. Because in business we deal with numbers and email marketing is the one of the best ingredients which can take you to your destination.

3.Easy to track:

Now-a-days most of the Email Service Providers gives us a platform.

From that platform we can measure stuffs like open rates, bounce rates, Click through , conversion rates, number of people who unsubscribed. We can use these Data and can make immediate changes in our Landing Pages or our campaign wherever we are doing wrong. Doing correction in our campaign will improve our results immediately.

ESPs like Mailchimp , aweber , constantcontact are very well know ESPs which helps us to track our data and modify it for better results.

4.Segmentation of your Audience:

Segmentation is a way how we refine our audience. By doing segmentation, we can divide our audience in the form of Age, Gender, Location, Profession etc.

Email list segmentation works extremely well for brands who gain information about their clients. Studies have shown that marketers who use this strategy often boast improved engagement rates as a result of segmentation. The old method like “spray and pray” of sending the same email to every customer no longer works, and the companies that see the best results from their email marketing are segmenting data and campaigns to ensure that they’re sending the most relevant message to individuals who can be their potential clients.

5. Build your Brand Globally :

You can reach Millions of people with email marketing in just few hours isn’t that amazing ???

Suppose: You a having a product like e-book and you want people to buy it from all over the world.That’s where email marketing will come into play. You can segment your email campaign and set a target location like US and UK and your target volume is 2 Million user. As the campaign goes live your brand will be seen by millions of user who will see your product and get to know about it. And if your product meets their requirement you end up selling your book to them.

This is the fastest way to build your brand online globally.

I means you can go from local to global in just few minutes Wow that amazing isn’t it ???

This way you can build your brand awareness using email marketing services.

6.Grow relationship with your customers:

Well, we all look for the email list of everyone who we care whether it’s our clients or the people with whom we want to get connected. Email marketing is one of the most simple ways to connect with people directly.

I means just take it on yourself, if you want to connect from someone who is working on apple or may be a celebrity, the first thing you will search for, is their email id.

As because people are more comfortable with emails.

For example: When you receive an email from any xyz company or individual , you are the owner of your email id and you can either reply to them or delete that mail. Nobody will kill you, if you are not replying to that email.

On the other hand, if you are using an iPhone and you are facing any kind problems with it. You can direct away mail your problems to them and they will reply for sure and they will help you with your problem.

This is how Brand and Customer relationship is built.

Because you can directly take your problems or suggestion to your service provider and they are likely to revert and end up building a healthy relationship.

7. Increase Website Traffic:

Wondering how email marketing can help you to increase your website traffic ????

Well, its’ pretty simple. We Send hundreds and thousands of emails to our targeted audience right ???

When people sees our email and click on the link of our website they land up directly isn’t it ? That’s simple, the more email we send to our clients, the more number of website click we get. With this data we can also track from where Hit generation is taking place. So with that data we can focus on the targeted region and can segment better resulting better sales.

The more number of people hit your URL, the more changes you have for selling your product.

8.Stay in their Minds:

By sharing quality content with your audience throughout the year, we will be able to stay on the minds of our customers and build credibility. While most of the clients not react right now as because they don’t your services currently.

It all about telling your customer that, Yes you this services which can help them to solve their problems or anything like that, there is a high chance that they will come back whenever they need your services.

This is the main reason why companies like Amazon, apple etc. keeps sending you their product email. So, that you can keep them in mind when you need any services related to what they offer.

9. High Sharability:

This is the best part. Email ads are highly shareable content and with the simple click of a “forward button” anyone can share your product.

For getting this social share all you need to do is create an “irresistible offer” or a piece of content worth sharing. People love to share offers and best deals with their friends and families. Offer them something that they can not resist and you will notice increased number of share your email is getting.

This is the free re-marketing which you are getting just by creating an awesome piece of content.

And it also works very fast, so if you want to make in announcement on the very last moment, Just blast to over your email list and it will do the rest for you.

10. Personalization:

Personalization has become the X factor for the companies now-a-days. Now, with Email Service Provider you can easily make any email more personalize in order to convert more and better conversions.

Today we can tailor ads to increase conversion rates, create and send emails to a specific group with particular needs, and target social media ads to a certain, pre-determined audience and can get better and salable audience.

A research done by The Aberdeen Group, has shown that 96% of organizations believe that email personalization can improve email marketing performance in long-term.

Personalization of email campaigns beats other stuffs like location targeting or gender segmentation.

The more personalize experience you give, the better results you get.

11. It’s Cost Effective:

As I told you that email marketing offers the best ROI in online marketing.

It’s not hard to guess why….!!!

As because email marketing’s flexibility, you can start with a small amount and after you’re done with your test you can go up for higher budget.

You can always increase or decrease your budget according to your needs.

I mean you can easily 200k-300k email data with some thousand dollars.

You can choose to work on the terms like CPM, CPC, CPL or CPA and based on what method you need to pay to your service providers.

Generally, CPA costs are higher between these methods because they are based on the actions which you have decided.



From all the points, I have mentioned above. You can decide why you should go for email marketing.

Email Marketing is the best way to generate more and more revenue in shorter span of time.

Its fast, flexible and it has the best return on investment what else you need.

That all for now.

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