7 Incredible Ways to Earn Money Online in 2018


7 mind blowing ways to Earn Money Online

Online earning is the new trend of money Globally from Bitcoin to Freelancing every bit of it is online.
And Being an Indian its our right to earn money from Internet because India is the Second largest country to use Internet.

In Indian along 420 Million people uses Internet every single day. So its not hard to imagine that if we, Indian can create something that can help these people and even if we are taking 1 INR from everyone then we are already having 420 Million bucks in our Bank account and that is hell of a money.

But wait a second let us get back to the ground. For earning that amount of money we have to solve that big problem which is done by Geniuses.

Now lets face reality most of us cannot solve that bigger problems. So is it we can’t earn any passive income???

The ans is NO. We can earn significant amount of money online by spending few hour working on our laptops or desktops.

Whenever you google something like earning money online a huge unending list comes up and there is a Plethora of information you can find over it and it’s enough to blast our nervous system. You will find a lot of stuffs like:

  • Data Entry At Home.
  • Captcha Solving and earning money.
  • Watching adds online.
  • Watching videos that they provide for 30 sec etc.

All this will consume your time and will give you somewhere around 3,000 to 5,000 per month. If you are satisfied with this amount of money for the time you are spending over the internet but if you want something big and happening and something more reliable you have to work and learn a bit hard for few months and when you are done with your learning part you can earn a heck of a money with consistency.

I am myself in this online industry from last few years and i would tell you some of my stuffs how I am making online money and trust me its good amount I am making a hell good amount of it. And I am going to share those skills with you.

#1. Be a Freelancer

A freelancer is someone who can work independently in any field and since we are talking about online money making. Here a freelancer refers to someone who have got skills like website development , App Development, Graphics Designing, Logo Designing, Creating Ppts or any computer related job which can help others to solve their problems.

You can create your Account in Freelancer , Upwork, Elance.

Here you can Create your  Professional Profile and start approaching people who have got the problem you can solve and can start earning good cash in your account. If you have a good marketing skill too then you will be unstoppable.


#2.  Start Affiliate Marketing

Most of us are not familiar with this term but i have to say this is the biggest money making machine which is available online. And you can be Millionaire if you can do this in a proper way with dedication because this is serious business with some serious money involved.

Now a days we all browse different website and in those website we see a lot of Ads in different shapes and sizes. Those Ads are referred as Affiliate Marketing.

Many of us own their Websites with good amount of people surfing every single day but are you getting anything from those views?? Most of you will say that yes i am selling my product online from my website. Yes its true that you are selling your own niche but affiliate marketing deals with help others to sell their product and you earn a good amount from there itself.

Website like Amazon, Flipkart, ebay, and many other pays a good percentage of money when you post their Ads in your Website. They pay you on the basis of the amount of sell which will be done through your website.

This can be any one whoever wants to sell their product through your website they will pay you good for sure.

Even if you don’t have your own website you can approach anyone whom you want to and ask them, that they want to earn some extra penny from their website or not if they agrees its a happy journey from there you just have to put your clients product in your website and you are good to go they will pay you in your account on the basis of sell.


#3. Earning Through Social Media.

We Millennials are all over the social media. We Spend a good amount of time everyday in social media just for browse other’s profile and to feed us with the Dopamine which we get by getting likes and comments in our feeds.

What if i will tell you that we can earn a good amount of money from our social media account by doing nothing extra??? Yes you heard me right we can earn a lot of money with our Social Media Accounts if we have a Avg numbers of friends in our account.

1.Promote Affiliate Products.

Like I told you earlier you can post other’s niche online and sell it for them and the will pay a good number the scenario is same over here too. Publish or post anything which you like to sell set the post and your affiliate will pay us.

2. Create your own product and promote it.

Your Product of niche can be anything. It could be online tuition, You own a Mobile Service Center , You build Websites or you have a tailor shop you can promote it and can keep posting about it. You will see people will be more aware about your niche and they will start approaching you for sure. It may take time but it will work surely I can Assure you.


#4.Start Youtube channel.

Youtube is the second most Viewed website in the world. You will find X number of people posting videos about something or the other. They are earning good Youtube pays a good amount of money if your video is viewed by many.

Start a Youtube channel and grow it with your social media. Keep posting about your new Vlog(Video Blog) in Youtube people will start watching it and who know if they start liking it and you are consistent enough you will receive a letter from Youtube Itself that, From Now when anyone watch your video Youtube will pay you directly.

Lots and lots of people are starting their own channel in Youtube now a days because Youtube itself have made many Millionaires .Channels like AIB , TVF , BB ki Vines Etc have become online super stars just with the help of Youtube and like all of us they have started with zero views.

Yes, its happening people are becoming millionaires by just uploading their videos on it and with the right marketing skill and with the help of social media you could become a Youtube Star too.


#5. Become a Blogger.

Well Here we go here comes my new found baby Blogging its the best thing that we Millennials can do. Whenever I meet a friend or any of my clients who is going haywire with their career and not being able to decide how to boost their career and reach a bigger audience and same minded people who can help them to grow big in their life.

With hundreds of millions of people writing blogs, you may think that,

Why on earth people will listen or go through your blog

And the answer is that we all have good some differences and sheer talent which we can add and show the world. Blogging provides you a platform where you can write whatever you want to write and whatever you want to show.
No one is there to stop you, Its your own dam freaking world you can do anything out their without worrying about anyone.

Some of the reasons i would like to highlight which can help you to understand to world of Blog better.

1. Passion.

Blogging is all about being passionate about what you think and what you really love to do. For instance, I Like to tell people how can they get more out of their lives by just doing what they are doing but slightly in a different way.

Anyone can do this who has a passion to tell the world, that yes i can do this and i can tell you how to do this.

We are living in the edge of technology, We all agree whatever problems we face the first thing which we do is Google it. The results which we get is not written or explained by Google always 98% of the times what we read over the internet is a result of a blog which has been written by someone like us. So, why not we can share whatever talent we have with the world and stand out of the crowd and make ourselves from anyone to someone.

2. Community.

If you have started or about to start writing blog then you have on the way to create a community of people who are like you and share interests like you do. In this , Community you will find people like you where they can help you to grow deep and higher in your career. It can a forum for people like you where everyone will help each other for the betterment of the growth.


Online marketing is the base of any business running today and your blog can bring some serious amount of clients for you business. Suppose, you are good in Cooking and you started your Blog and you keep posting the pictures of your Meals and share the recipes of your Magical Meal and you are doing it consistently.

Guess what will happen as people start liking your recipes they will keep coming to your Blogs for new updates newer recipes because your meals have grown up over them and while all this is happening you are getting a lot of request from your audience about your new recipes and your traffic will be boomed and thus making you a internet star.

4. Income.

While it seem a bit difficult and success may not come overnight and as fast as you wanted but Blogging has the power to become a moneymaking venture. Many Bloggers over the world are making part time or even full time income by just Blogging in their Pajamas. Many of the top notch Bloggers who have gather their audience and have added affiliate marketing and SEO in their Blogging Website are even Earning in Millions.

With Go-Getter Attitude you could be one of them and you can too create a Online Asset which have the Potential to turn you into a Owner of a Million Dollar Company.



This were the Top 5 ways which can help you to boost your career and life in a more positive Direction. And make you livelihood more comfortable without investing any money.

You will find a lot and lot of trick and techniques over the Internet. You can try them if you want to but if you want to earn Real Money Try this for more information Mail me and i will revert back.

#6. Hit Email Marketing:

The best answer would be email is a place where all the money flows. Doing email marketing is fast and productive.

I mean you all know about email marketing. If your answer is NO, then let me tell you you wrong.

We all receive email from all over the world from companies like Amazon, Apple, flipkart etc.

These companies are doing email marketing to create awareness and increase productivity of their brands.

You can go for email marketing by using ESPs like Mailchim, aweber, constantcontact etc. they are some of the best ESPs providers in the town.

Just go there And setup and email campaign, create a lead magnet by creating a irresistible landing page about your product. Grab some email data and start the campaign. As simple as that, you can do it or If have any product you can hire agencies too.

Because the Return on Investment is 40x , it means on every penny you are investing, you are getting almost 40 times of it.

#7.Write and Sell e-books:

This one I just love, because putting down me thoughts in a book or article is the best thing in the world.

You don’t have to be answerable to anyone. All you need to do is grab your laptop or any device where you can start typing and putting your thoughts into it. Trust me, it does wonders.

And after you have completed writing an e-book and happily put the knowledge in that piece of mastery.

All you need to do is to sell them on your website, amazon, flipkart and many other websites who sells books.

I mean just think the power of writing, all you are doing is writing your thoughts into a place and they earning good cool cash out of it. Isn’t it amazing.

So, grab your device and start writing


Earning money online is an art. Its all about how much practicality and smartness you are putting into it.

Doing the work you loves makes all the difference and earning from that passion, makes you the richest man.

Do email marketing, create products, make videos go and blast social media.

Your consistency will automatically take you places.


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