Best Content Marketing Company in kolkata 2018

Best Content Marketing in kolkata and why I am saying this?

This is the place to get the best content for your niche.

The reason why I am saying this in kolkata the quality of content produces is not up to the mark. Content is something which can influence people and bound them to think about the base of the content.

“Content is the king”.

I am more than sure you have heard this term.!!!

When you hear the term content marketing the first thing which pops up our mind is content is related to blogger and media companies right ???

Well, not exactly.

Content is there from the starting of mankind…!!!

We all love hearing storytelling. It means we all love contents.

What exactly is content marketing????

My definition of content marketing is..

Content marketing, is something like a connection between a storyteller and a mass. With the power of words, the storyteller can build a long-term relationship with this audience. And the message that the storyteller wants to convey should hit his targeted audience. This is what I call Content Marketing.

Content marketing is the most important factor now is you want your brand to become great. Content marketing provides user and clients all the relevant information which the brand wants them to know.

Basically, there are 2 sides in content marketing:

  1. Storyteller Side.
  2. Targeted Audience Side.

I mean its pretty obvious isn’t it ?

Storytellers or on other words the brands who wants to convey their message to their targeted audience.
We see a lot of brands doing content marketing and shaping our thought process don’t believe me right??

Let me show you some great example of content marketing:


In the picture you can see some clearly the creative power of content in picture format.

Picture is a collection of thousand words. The content which is observe this days is basically is in 3 format i.e Audio, Video and Sound Format.

Another rising concept is Augmented Reality which is not very famous now. But it will grow popularity in coming years.

So, content marketing is showing your customers :

  1. Who you are?
  2. What you do?
  3. What is the effect of your Brand on your audience?
  4. Why they should buy your product?
  5. And What change you are bringing in their life?

Content Marketing helps us to solve this problems and help Brands to create a better eco system for their Audience and their Product.

What are the benefits of Content Marketing??

The benefits of Content Marketing is enormous.

All the big giants like Coca-cola, Apple, Samsung etc. puts a huge amount of money in content marketing.

Their profits are going sky-high every years..!!!

Benefits of Content Marketing:

  1. The First and foremost is Content adds Value to your Brand.
  2. We get to know our customer better.
  3. Content create Brand Awareness.
  4. Creates loyalty between Brand and Customers.
  5. Helps you to community of Loyal Audience.
  6. Long-term relationship is made with the help of Content Marketing.
  7. Makes you better with SEO.
  8. Bring more Traffic to your website
  9. Improve Lead generation.
  10. Increase your reach on new customers.

The benefits of Content Marketing is enormous and I can add another 20 lines in the benefit section.

Cost Effectiveness is one of the main reasons of content marketing.

Its offers brilliant Return on Investment (ROI).

Content Marketing is the new Nuke in the world of online marketing.

Kolkata is growing large in Business and Entrepreneurship. And Content is the weapon which can boost the ranking of a Web page.

Every article which is produced in Eatmyhead is written after full proof research and every piece of article which I write is piracy free.

I can proudly say that eatmyhead is only 2 months old website but check out how fast it is growing.

Alexa rank for eatmyhead is 65,000 out of 11 Crore websites.

20,000 site clicks this month, and all of this is only because of the power of Content Marketing.

Best content writing service in kolkata:

Kolkata is my main focus and the reason behind is that, It’s easy and handy to understand the needs of my clients.

Writing service is not a job for me, its a passion of mine and I just love doing research and helping business to grow big.

Time is money. 

In India the population is 1.35 + Billion. So imagine, if you are not staying ahead of the competition.

The number with which you are competing is in Millions. So stop think just do it bank on to content marketing. And you are on the way to be the best in your niche.


Content marketing has emerged as the most relevant way to promote your brand.
It is helping us to create a healthy relationship between a brand and a customer.

Whether you are some big giant or any small company. You should always invest in good quality content because that will help you in long run.





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