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As the name suggest Eatmyhead, this is the place for Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Businessmen and for those who are very high on life. The main reason for launching this website is to Solve Problems in the field of Internet.

Eatmyhead is a platform where you can read technology blog posts. This Blog post are written specially to improve your quality over Internet and how you can help yourself in becoming the Best in your Business.

Here you find Articles on Online Marketing and latest technology trending news.

Eatmyhead is having a monthly readership of 1500+ readers every month now.

We have helped many of our clients to grow big in business.

Eatmyhead is a one place where you can read Blogs, ask questions and if you are into Business, EMH can help you to grow it and lead you to the destination where you want to reach.

About Author:

Chandan Sharma

Hey Everyone,

This is Chandan Sharma.

I am an Entrepreneur, who is successfully running a Digital Marketing company from last 3 years. I help start-up and Entrepreneurs to grow their business online.

An Author of “How I created a million dollar company in six moths”.

This Blog post is for the people who are enthusiastic and wants to grow fast and big in life.

Eatmyhead is the place where, I share my experience and knowledge in the field of Online Marketing.

I have worked with Clients from all over the world. Help them to increase their Sales and created brand awareness for their  Brand. And also working with people who have a small company and help them to bring more business at their doorsteps.

In the same way, I am working with Big Brands and helping them to bring more traffic and sales for their Business.


After 3 years of experience and 13+ hours working everyday. I have created this asset which you can learn easily.

Eatmyhead is a place where you can :

  • Read Technology Blog Post.
  • You can Collaborate with us to increase you business traffic and revenue.
  • I can Help you with e-mail marketing, Website development, SEO, SMO and SMM .
  • Ask questions directly with the author.
  • Subscribe and I will send you Latest updates about Online trending topic which will fuel your life in Internet.