Closer to Loser.

Winner and Looser.

Both of them work hard on what they dreamed off but does everyone walk out as a winner?

The Difference between a closer and a loser is of a C in a spelling but when it comes to internal meaning the difference can be life changing.

Eventually everyone puts effort to reach the destination but some walks out as a winner and some as quitters.

For an example:

Before the invention of Airplanes you know how many failures did wright brothers had ??

closer to loser


More than 300, yes you heard me right.

Just thought for a second about yourself if wright brothers have decided to shut the project after their continues failure will you be travelling now by flight ??

Will you be using phones ? Is satellites roaming in the skies ??

The answer is No.

If flight were not invented then how could rockets and satellites ?

And no satellites resulting, no Wireless transmission of signals in the air.

No internet and nothing and the list goes on and on.

Just thought for a second, one inventions in a garage have shaped our present and futures and mankind.

We all have the capabilities to become great. Its just a matter of thinking out loud and not giving a shit to giving up.

Now if you are thinking that you are not ready for this level to start. Trust me on this nobody is 100% ready just hit the ground and hit it.

Perfection is the enemy of Good things.

Sounds weird right ??

Yes   perfection is the evil which is stopping you. If you want to achieve something, than go on hit your 100% and don’t get caught in this 100 % Perfect game. Just start your thing everybody is different from each other than how can you expect that everybody in the planet is going to like you or your work ?

So, just start and push yourself eventually you will notice the growth in whatever you are doing and succeeding and getting better in that every single day.

Now lets head back to the main topic that is Closer and loser.

The moment you decide to quit instantly you lose. You’re a loser then and their and at the same point of time you’re the closest of what you were doing from last few days, week, years or decades it doesn’t matters.

There is a famous saying:

“ The most intense fight a human will ever have is between the person they are and the person they are capable of becoming. “- Coach Jae.

According to a Psychology, The point when we decide to Quit is the time when we are closest to winning.

So, always remind yourself before taking your step back, Why you started all this and how much effort and time you have given to this. And if now you quit, all of this was a waste of time, money and energy.

So basically you’re wasting everything what you have put in your dreams this far.

The only thought which has a place reserved in the mind should be I am the Best and I am the winner.

secret to success.


Rise up and put everything you have in your dreams. Just think for a moment if you’re dreams are so cheap that you are getting it with easy, then why are you calling it a DREAM.

We are always closer to our success when we decide to quit and that gives us nothing but failure.

The Difference between Winner and Loser, is the winner always tries to get closer to winner and loser stop at the verge of Winning..!!!

Gear up for your dreams and put all your time, energy and money and eventually, you will be the winner.

Cheers to life,



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