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Why Eatmyhead????

There are Giant bloggers and tech people like Neil Patel , Brain Dean , searchengineland , moz etc. and you probably thinking why you need to connect me right ???

So, here is my answer these people are Giant in their Field and it’s not possible for most of us to Hire them.

They work for companies like Apple, Facebook , Amazon , Forbes , Audi etc. So you can guess the amount these Brands are investing in their marketing.

On the other hand in eatmyhead we have got clients from all over the world. We work we startup, mid-size companies and Big fat companies.

Team work:

Here in eatmyhead, I i.e Chandan Sharma is doing all the stuffs but when it comes to working with clients, I have a team of 12 extremely talented and professional people. These people are super cool when it comes to stuffs like email marketing, seo , smo , smm and ppc.

We divide the work in different teams as required by the clients to offer them maximum output.

Did any of my own blogs came in google search in first ???

Well, of-course yes.

Articles like 11 benefits of email marketing, Seo in 2018 the game changer etc. are on the top of google list.

So, you don’t have to get worry about the traffic you will get organically.

I can drive huge traffic organically in your website by doing SEO and SMM.

For more details you can contact me and I will get back with everything you need to grow.


Chandan Sharma

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