Crazy Digital Marketing and its enormous success – 2018

What is Digital Marketing ?

As from the Word itself you can get the meaning.

Digital defines the world of Internet and Speed and Marketing is the Core of Business and Branding your Business over the Internet.

When we combine the words i.e Digital + Marketing the meaning which we are getting is something like this :

Digital Marketing is advertising through the mediums like Search Engines , Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing , Display Ads and Social Media with the help of Internet for the maximum exposure of the product and make the Brand more Profitable.

In many of my blogs earlier I have stated that , if your brand is not doing digital marketing and not on the web. Your business is likely to go out of business soon in coming years.

When we speak of Brands like Puma, Nike , Apple etc.

Let me share a case Study to make it more understandable.

Case Study of AirBnb :

Every signal one of us knows about Airbnb but do you really think that they were always this big with millions of Dollars in their pockets ?

Airbnb has changed the way we travel and look for accommodations.

When Airbnb launched, its founders couldn’t afford even their rent. Now it have 100+ million users and around 2.3 million listings. The total valuation of Airbnb is $31 billion in 2017.

Their marketing strategy is focused at getting both hosts and Travelers for the platform. Its DM (Digital Marketing ) relies primarily on user-generated images and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, how-to videos and posts geared towards owners, and popular city guides. Their Instagram campaign matches humor with compelling images of different travel locations around the world, making it more than just a service – it’s a travel forum as well.

And people fell in love with their Idea and how the presented it to the world.

During a 2015 Instagram campaign, the company received 13+ Million Interaction and increased followers by 341%.

That is huge. And all their success lies in their DM team who created content with which the people around the globe fell in love and made Airbnb what Airbnb is today.

Case Study of Paperboat :

Paper boat is known company that deals in the drinks which you commonly prepare at home like aam panna, golgappe ka pani, jamun kala khatta and kokum. The purpose of these drinks was to take you back in those memories and float a boot this monsoon. The company carried out its digital Marketing campaign very well.

digital marketing 2

The title of the campaign was #FloatABoat, the digital campaign process asked people to make boat and share it on social media by using the hash tag along with the title of the campaign. Paper boat also reviled that if anyone will share this on any social media the brand will donate 20rs for children’s education. This campaign was the big success which caused many timelines to be jammed with paper boats.

digital marketing 3


Now, Paperboat have managed to pull a good of money, the net worth of paperboat is around 300 Crores. And it managed to stand and compete against its rivals like Cocc-cola , Tropicana etc in the market.


Both the companies started from scratch but somehow with the help of intelligent and creative marketing tactics they pulled themselves and reach where the wanted to and they are still growing at a good pace.

There are thousands of case studies like this, which states that a good marketing team can skyrocket your business and make your Brand a Success Story.

This was about Digital Marketing now as I have got your attention.

Lets hit how many components are there in Digital Marketing.

Components of Digital Marketing :

The T-Shaped Marketer

Digital marketing is one of  the few careers in which  your professional trajectory  is completely in your own  hands. As a digital marketer you can choose to specialise in  certain skill-sets, have a broad-  based approach, freelance  from home or work for an  agency. Up-skilling yourself  and taking your career in the direction of your choice is quite  literally at your fingertips.

These days there is an increasing  demand for what has been  coined a ‘general specialist’ –  having a broad knowledge of  the industry but a specialist  skillset in one specific area.



This is also commonly referred  to as a T-Shaped marketer. Think  of digital marketing as a “T”.

The horizontal line relates to  your broad-based knowledge  across all the digital marketing  disciplines whereas the tail of  the “T” (the vertical line) is the  skill set that you specialize in.

Now, lets break it down in chunks and define each of the top end:

Email Marketing :

E-Mail Marketing is one of the best and most effective ways which you can apply to get more out of you brand.

People nowadays say that e-mail marketing is not working now-a-days. The demand of e-mail marketing is getting lower day-by-day. But then why all the big giants are doing it?????

Over the couple of years we have tested with hundreds of clients with email marketing.

We have developed different Landing Pages, N number of Creatives and tracked for Hit germination. Email marketing still give the best ROI ( Return on Investment ).

I have written why email marketing is the best marketing in terms of ROI. Click to read more…

Pay-Per Click (PPC) :

Let me explain you with a picture.



In the Picture, you can see a symbol Ad is written in a Box. These websites are sponsored websites.

What that means is the owner of the website has paid to Google for showing his ads in google searches for a specific keyword.

Here, I typed ” Best hotels in las vegas ” and the list opens of hotels.

The website which are carrying the Ad tag has paid to google adword for that specific keyword to make it come on the first of google searches.

PPC also known as cost per click (CPC), is an online advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a website owner or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

PPC is being done by Several Search engines like Google, Bing , Yahoo etc. It’s kind of bidding process you bid for the keyword and pay, what you have Bid and get your product on the top searches, it’s that simple.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

As the name suggest, search engine optimization. SEO is done for organically getting your searches without getting into PPC.



SEO is nothing but making your website more search engine friendly. So, that the search engines can get understand your website better and show it to the user who are looking for the information which you have put in your website.

If you google online shopping or e-commerce, the first website which will pop in is amazon. As amazon is offering the best services for their customers and the basic principle of search engines is to provide value to the user.

So the website which will be more informative and provides the maximum value to the user will be awarded by the search engine and get on the top searches of Google and other search engines.

For more details on how to do Seo in 2018 to stay on top of google searches click here…

Social Media Marketing :

We all see ads in our facebook page, our twitter handles , in our instagram account etc.

Social media is filled with video ads, promotional quotes and everything you see practically is a kind of ads which are floating over social media and they actually works.

what is social media marketing


The segmentation which the marketers do is very targeted. For example: If you are a guy, you will never see a ad of bikini in your facebook page right and vice-versa. The Marketer only point the ads to the ones who can be interested to generate maximum profit out of it.

Content Marketing :

My definition of content marketing is..

Content marketing, is something like a connection between a storyteller and a mass. With the power of words, the storyteller can build a long-term relationship with this audience. And the message that the storyteller wants to convey should hit his targeted audience. This is what I call Content Marketing.

Content marketing is the most important factor now is you want your brand to become great. Content marketing provides user and clients all the relevant information which the brand wants them to know.

Basically, there are 2 sides in content marketing:

  1. Storyteller Side.
  2. Targeted Audience Side.

I mean its pretty obvious isn’t it ?

Storytellers or on other words the brands who wants to convey their message to their targeted audience.

For more details on Content Marketing click here…

These are the basic fundamentals of digital marketing.

What about career in Digital Marketing ?

First lets look at the life of a Digital Marketers.

‘The nine to five’

What we find most exciting is  that no day in the life of a digital  marketer is the same. Whether  you work for a corporate in a  snazzy office or freelance from  the comfort of your own home –  it’s going to look very different.  Take these guys for example:

Life of a digital marketer


As you can see the in the picture, I have defined the real life experience of marketers like me and many more in simple way. This is how a digital marketer spend his time generally.

What about Money :

Well, I read a book few days back and the name of the book was ” Greatest Salesman in the World”. When I was going through it, I came across a line that was saying :

Sales is the only business that can take you from poor to wealthy.

The money which flows in digital marketing is huge and unbelievable. Why won’t people you, if you are generating a good amount of profit for their brand and making their brand insta famous ??

The RoI in Digital Marketing is way higher than any other form of traditional marketing.

And to become a good Digital Marketer all you need is your Creativity at its peak and your will to be the best.


Chandan Sharma.

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