Everything you need to know about IBM Cloud 2018

We all are living in the era of Internet.

There are 2 types of user in Internet one who uses Internet and another who creates it.

Today, I want to help those people who creates this Eco System of Internet and help others to utilize it. Weather someone only views a web page or download a file, it’s all happening because of the people who are creating this system and giving us the services 24*7.

Now, IBM have come up with something which will help the Lords of internet to create a better, more reliable and easy to use Platform “IBM CLOUD”.  


1.What is IBM Cloud ?

IBM Cloud is a cloud computing platform which developers can use to create almost any application.

Previously  known as Bluemix, now IBM cloud is more smart and fast.

It combines platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to create any kind of business applications in a more productive manner.

Now, the developers don’t have to worry about big servers and a tons of code.

Developers can access the AI, services, and infrastructure in IBM Cloud and use existing data, systems, processes, PaaS tools, and IaaS tools. Developers can tap into the rapidly growing ecosystem of available services and runtime frameworks to build applications using polyglot programming approaches.

Bluemix is flexible.

With Bluemix you can : 

  1. Choose your own language.
  2. Work with our own Architecture.
  3. Make you make your own design choices.

It has over 100+ APIs and Services in Mobile, IoT, Watson and many more.

We can create Push Notification, Messaging, security and can configure Social media all from Bluemix and without having any software in your PC.

Bluemix allows you to focus on only what you love. It will tackle all other stuffs like  provisioning, licensing and everything related to it.

It is easy to work with the combination of Bluemix with watson or other AI production houses.

Till now most of the developer are not familiar with CLOUD COMPUTING .

What is Cloud Computing ?

I am pretty sure that most of us have heard about cloud computing.

But do you actually know how it works and how can it help you to save a ton of money and resources?

As the name say cloud computing .

Cloud computing is as simple as logging to your gmail or your hotmail.

You just have to create an account and you can use all the resources out there.

For example : If you are working in a company who need a storage of 10,000 GB of storage. You just need to go to cloud platform whatever cloud platform you are using and select storage and pay for the amount you are using.

Now your company needs to increase or decrease the storage how will you do?

Simple go and choose your plan and you are good to go.

Another example is : If you are a heavy gamer and your PC is not having that great configuration then you either need to invest a ton of money and upgrade your system or Simply go to cloud and login and your done.

As simple as it sounds.

Third Example : If you are into IT industry like me and needs a lot and lot of Software which are heavy in size and Costs a lot.

Like Photoshop or and photo editor or code editor .

Either we need to upgrade our system and spend huge amount of money buying all this stuffs or we can simply go to cloud use what we need to and pay if its chargeable and your are done.

Impressed right ?

Cloud computing is a Huge Infrastructure located in different parts of the world and is accessible from any part of the world. Its one Application which anyone can use according to their needs. It’s work in the fundamentals of Multi-tenancy. 

It’s like rain coming down from cloud.

Everyone can use it with just a high-speed internet.

Cloud is the key :

  • It’s more scalable.
  • Cloud is more Secure.
  • Bluemix more reliable than you think.


What are the benefits of IBM Cloud ?

IBM has created a Hybrid Cloud. You can use it for Mobile, Social, Big-data , Analytics or for Public Cloud and  Private Cloud, it’s there.

Thus making it Enterprise System, you can consume and implement from any source.

Bluemix alows you to :

  • You can deploy high performance compute and storage infrastructure with Data centers of IBM from all over the Globe.
  • It has a broad range of services from IBM and third-party developers to test and adopt your application.
  • Connect to all of your legacy systems and apps from a single, scalable, cloud platform through private network and API capabilities with Bluemix.
  • Scale up and down whenever resources  your business demands it with a click button.
  • For now you can choose from 4 Data Centers is has which are :
    1. Germany.
    2. Sydney.
    3. United Kingdom.
    4.US South.

How can you use it for free ?

Well IBM is giving all of a free account from where we all can work.

You just need to go to IBM Bluemix Website signup there and you are good to go.

IBM will provide you with resources you need to use and you can directly start working out there .

Here is my free account.


ibmclod dashboard


After Login you will see this page will popup and you can directly choose which platform you want to choose .

Or you can go to catalog section and see what they have for you to offer.


From here you can do 3 things : 

  1. Production Live Coding.
  2. Building.
  3. Deploying Applications.


Bluemix is at its Best when you will combine it with IBM WATSON.

IBM Watson is a AI which runs on machine learning algorithm. When you create something and it can improve itself by itself .

Just think what wonders can it do.


IBM Bluemix  is a super useful tool which is there to help developers and Internet Scientists.

At least we all should go out there and see what they are offering.

This big companies are ready to give you what you in need in trail basis, If you like their product than take it and implement it.

And not satisfied with the outcome then dump it, they wont charge you.

Go out and explore possibilities.



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