How to create a WordPress website easily

1. What is WordPress ?

WordPress is open source programming you can use to make a wonderful site or blog. It just might be the simplest and most adaptable blogging and site content management system (CMS) for beginners.

WordPress powers 29% of Internet and today WordPress alone controls 70 Million sites!!!

That’s a huge number isn’t it ??

And What’s the best part?

It’s absolutely free!!!!

     Here is a list why we should be using WordPress :

  • WordPress is exceptionally User Friendly.
  • It’s an open source.
  • Site creation in WordPress is  exquisitely flexible and extensible.
  • Themes in WordPress is Seo friendly.
  • In WordPress you control all your content and customize it.

2.Is WordPress for you ?

Absolutely, Yes.

In 1996, Bill Gates ( Co-Founder of Microsoft) mused that content is where most of the real money would be made on the Internet, stating, “those who succeed will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and product—a marketplace of content.”

You can use WordPress in any kind of Website Forbes top 500 Companies are using WordPress.

We can use WordPress in any possible web forms like :

  • Blogging Website.
  • E-commerce Website.
  • CMS Website.
  • Fashion Website.
  • Websites related to personal stuffs.
  • For Stores and shops.

Also, there is an unending list you can chose from thousands of themes and modify it accordingly.

3.How to create a WordPress Site ?

Good News!!!!

Creating a WordPress Site is pretty easy and you can do it in Few Minutes. I will show you exactly how you can do that:

  • Buy a domain first: Go to any websites e.g,  Godaddy , Host Gator or Blue Host and buy a domain .
    Choose a Domain name and fill up the process. Here is a link I’m posting down below for choosing a perfect domain name. Because your URL is the most important part of your website. If, your Domain name is not perfect, then most people will find themselves in a confusing situation when typing your domain name. So, go through the 10 tips and choose the best name for your Domain Name :10 Tips for choosing the perfect domain name
  • Buy a Hosting: We need website hosting to keep our website there. When we buy domain, we are only buying the name itself but hosting is a place where we keep our website and can operate from there.
    Choose any of the plans which excites you and the proceed to check-out.
  • Head to Products: When you will enter your product Section they will ask you to Set-up some basic things them you will proceed to Manage Section in which will be in Under Web Hosting Section.

When You will Enter the Manage then another Page will open and it will be like:

After that we will hit the cPanel button and we will land Directly to our cPanel from there we can do all the wonders what we want to do.

cpanel eatmyhead

  • Setting WordPress: When we enter cpanel then we will scroll down and look for WordPress there.
    From there your journey of setting up WordPress is magical.
    After you click WordPress a dashboard will appear and out there, you will have to install the WordPress and from there we are good to go.
  • Choosing your theme: After you install your WordPress Application then you will land on a page who you ask you to choose your desire theme.
    You can choose from thousands of themes which is available on WordPress and customize according to your needs.

  •  Setting Up WordPress: After you choose your WordPress theme you we see a Dashboard which I have Put above. From there you can edit all the things which you need.
    Adding pages, Adding Posts, You can add Plugins , Customize your theme and publish.wordpress dashboard

This is all you have to do for setting up your first WordPress Site.
For more details I will write a more detailed article on this. And you can Mail Me for any help you need.


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