Kim Kardashian made $5 million in five minutes just using Instagram

Kim earn $1 M per minute and created history.

Well, we all know how powerful Kim Kardashian fashion statement is. On Tuesday, Kardashian dropped a new range of perfume with three different fragrances, Kimoji Cherry, Kimoji Peach and Kimoji Vibes.

Not a single Penny she spent on Advertising or Marketing. The only thing she did is, she posted her pictures with her new Kimoji on her Social Media Accounts. And boom, Kim Kardashian started making ridiculous amount of money.

She sold her products worth 5 Million Dollars in just 5 Minutes ( According to TMZ ).

The price of each Kimoji is around 45 Dollars. According to reports the manufacturing company had to make more Kimoji in order to match the demand of the users.

But, this is not wonder for Kim. As  Her cosmetics line hauled in $14 mil at its Launch last year. If you are wondering this is Huge for Kim. Actually be considered just another day in the office if you’re a Kardashian even if you earn $5 Million in 5 Minutes.

Kim sent her dear friend Drew a complimentary Kimoji to celebrate the Launch , with actress Drew Barrymore posting a ‘thank you’ on Instagram.

Drew Barrymore posted a video after she received the Kimoji on her Instagram.

Drew Barrymore video with Kimoji.

She has literally set an example of how much Self Branding can change your life. She has set an example for marketers as well as regular folks. How the power of own name has the potential of doing Orbital change in your Life.


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