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How to start from scratch and turn into a million dollar company.

We are living in a very fast and competitive world.

Here things are changing in a blink of an eye. What one can do in a year with proper plan and execution another can take ten years to reach the goal.

And no one wants to wait for next ten years to become successful.

If you are among those people who wants to sit back and relax. For the right time come and then become successful.

This online Industry and blog is not for you. You can jump out of it now.

This is for the new and fast growing people.

Over a period of time i have meet thousands of people who really want to grow big and achieve something big in their life.

And most of them have got the courage and urge to become more successful and become Financial kingpin.

But where did they fail ???

They Fail because they lack in 2 most important things :

  1. Planning.      &       2.  Execution.

Planning :

Planning is the most important factor if you want to boom your business or career. If your plan is great then no-one can stop you to become successful.

We can set small goals and set a time period to achieve it. Along with it some long term plans to touch your milestones.

Execution :

Now this is the critical.

Most of us can plan pretty well right ???

But can we all execute every plan ???

Most of you will say: Hey Chandan , its hard to execute because I am having problems like bla bla bla etc.

You know, problems are the by product of the decisions which we have taken previously. So, execute fast because the faster you execute the faster you fail and the faster you recover.

Hence, you will reach you AIM faster.

Success Protocol :

From years of hard-work and  research on more than thousands of clients. I have found some proper techniques  that works best for my clients.

All the protocols work in a flow and in order to achieve the best out of what you want. We all need to follow that, you know why ??

Because all the successful people are following this and earning millions of dollars  and if they can do that we can too.

I found a formula and that formula is :: TLS i.e Traffic → Leads → Sales.

How this Works :

Whether, you are starting something from scratch or doing something which has gather some attention.

You need to put this into your mind that your Goal is to be on the top of whatever business you are doing.

The first step to start is :

Create a website :

Having a good Dynamic website is your first step enter the world of success.

When you have a website people will find you in a click of a button. Your website will work for you 24*7 on behalf of you. So, you can reach any part of the world with just having a website and you website will become your ASSET online.

You can show all your works, your services and sell whatever product you have with your website.

So, your website is your ticket to Success.

Blast it in Search Engines :

Search engines are the new rocket technology of 21st century.

If, you are on the first page of google for the product which you are having, then you are doing a superb job.

But how to do that ?

Well, we do it by doing SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

What SEO does ?

It collects data from your website then crawl it and then its send a report to google or yahoo.

And then these search engines ranks you accordingly.

For example :

You can see after I searched online marketing Neil Patel’s website showed on the first rank.


Online marketing


How does he manage to be on the First Page and on the first rank ??

Using SEO as a weapon.

SEO is done by implementing a lot and lot of protocols. From Content writing, link building, quality checking to counting  the number of back links you have got in your website.

A recent report of google explained that Google takes care of 200 parmeters for SEO.

So, you better be good at it when you are doing SEO for your website.

Social Media Marketing :

Now this, I don’t need to tell you How big the social media is and what can it bring to you.

The number is Social media user in 2017 is 2.7 Billion.

That’s HUGE isn’t is ??

Resource :


According to a Research in the only Facebook have 2 Billions active user in 2017.

Just think if facebook were be a country, it will be the largest country in the world. 

It will beat China and India by Millions alone.

Just imagine, how much social media can transform your business if you are using this in a Productive Manner.

There are more than 200 Social Media Sites which you can use for you promotion.

Brand Awareness :

Brand awareness is very crucial.

We all know Nike & Apple right ?

When we buy a product which are very known and trust-able to us, we buy the product with confidence and faith.

If you brand is well know to people and they trust you brand, they will always come back to buy stuffs from you.

For Example : 

Suppose you need to buy any software and you have got 2 choices:

  1. Google product.          &          2. XYZ product.

The price of google product is $500 and the price of xyz product is $300 .

99% of us will buy stuffs from google.

Why ???
Because we all know google and we know its trust-able and worthy.

How can we do branding of our product :

The first phase of branding always starts from promotion and how you are showing your product in front of others .

You have to take care of Super cool Advertising , it’s website and product delivery should be fantastic.

It should rock social media and other press releases.

The quality and product usability needs to be on top.

This are the initial steps which you need to do for you brand awareness.

Know your customers :

Now this is something which everyone need to understand very deeply.

Everyone can not be your customer. You can not target everyone, you need to think about your potential customers.

The people who needs your product and how can you target them.

I always ask my clients that what is your targeted audience. What’s there age , gender , country , language etc.

Because in order to maximize your income and grow you business I have to know the people whom I will target.

Case Study :

Back in 2016 I was helping a client of mine with his fitness product.

After a heavy research I found most of the people who showed interest in buying Fitness product where from Monaco and their age  range was from 18 to 32 years of age. Around 63 % of the buyers were male .

So, I told my client to promote there business in these targets and they did.

You know what happened ??

Their business went skyrocket with an increase revenue of around 82 % in just 6 Months.

Awesome, right ?

Well, we all can achieve that number. It’s all about how you are studying your customers and how much value you are providing them.

Conclusion :

Well, the journey of earning millions of dollars is not a happy journey .

We can achieve all the milestones, go to all the places we think of but only which proper planning and execution.

If you only dream about earning million dollar company and you’re waiting for the right opportunity to come.

You have already lost the battle. 

Do what is necessary to earn what you desire.

Hire people who are faster than you, that will save your valuable time and will make your growth faster than you can imagine.

And Invest, because the more you invest in you and your company, the more you earn.

Create your website, go for SEO and nail Social Media.

Eventually, you will walk out as a Millionaire.

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