SEO in 2018 – The game changer in 2018

New Year is knocking at the door and Google is updating itself too.

Doing SEO in 2018 will be a bit Different what we have seen in 2017. While there are nearly 200 parameters which google hit for ranking a page. It’s not possible for us to go through everything.

But improvement and change is a mandatory field if you want your website to rank first in you genre. While google has updated nearly all of its SERP algorithm from Google Hummingbird, Google Panda, Google Penguin , Google Pigeon and Google Mobile-friendly Update.

You need to geared up and I am going to teach you how you can rank higher in Google organically.


RankBrain is working well in 2017 and its updating it even more in 2018. RankBrain will play a very important role in SEO in 2018.

Let me show you how it works:



Suppose you have googled ” Earn Money Online”.

You can see nearly 13 crore results pops in. Now on the first page you can see first 9 results. On this results you and many like-minded people will click on the #4 result why ??

Because its more catching and more informative in a way than others.

When you are entering the website and reading that article and spending time in reading it. What google will do is that it will calculate it as a useful website and marks it.

Again you have done the same search and you hit the first URL and after entering the website, you thought what a crap I am reading a useless article. What next will you do ??

Simple you will jump out of the website and hit another URL.

Now, Google will mark it as useless article or website.

Than it will rank the fourth URL upper in the list and it will keep decreasing the First URL if the bounce rate remains the same.

This is the simple and yet third most important factor in Google ranking.

RankBrain is simply a combination of two things:

  1. Dwell Time.
  2. Click Through Rate.

Dwell Time

Dwell time is nothing but the time you are spending on the website.

According to backlinko, the standard time which google looks for is 3 plus minutes on the website.

The more time you spend on the website, the better credit score it will get and the more likely, it has the chances to go up in the rankings.

CTR ( Click Through Rate )

As the name suggest CTR is the percentage of people who are hitting your URL.

The more hits you get, the better you rank. No secret formula right ??

The easy way to get more hits on you website is to create catchy Title, an attention seeker title will do pretty much half the job in CTR.

Add specific URL that is related to the product or article or anything which you want to show the world.

Try testing with different Heading that are more attractive to users and you are good to go.

This is the site optimization techniques which we should follow which help us to rank higher.

2.Write contents which can define your topic completely :


On my previous Blog post, I have explained that “content is the king” .

And its dead true.

Think of this that will you watch a movie which shows you only the 60% story ????

The answer will be NO.

The fact remains the same here too. Google will always rank those pages higher who provides detailed and better content. Now google looks for the context of the article instead of only going for keywords flooding in your article.

As the time is passing Google is getting smarter. Now, to rank higher in Searches you need to write content which will deliver value to the reader and for the reader your website give them the reason come back to your site and read or buy your stuffs.

Remember the better and more informative contents you write and publish. The more people will spend time on your website. Ultimately, you RankBrain factor will also get better with better contents and you can rank better. Your web page optimization will be better as you implement LSI Keywords in your website.

LSI keywords are free and you can use it. It will provide you the keywords which you need to include in your article to increase your page ranking.



Its pretty simple isn’t it. All you have to do is go to the LSI website and type your desired keyword.

It will show you the best result for absolutely free and all you need to do is, put relevant keywords in your article and  this keywords will optimize your website. Google will find you easily and rank you higher.

3.Geared up for Mobile-First index :

In 2016, Google announced that Mobile-First index is one of their primary parameters to rank higher in search engine.

Now-a-days around 60% or more searches are being made from Mobile phones. People are more prone to search from their mobile than then their laptops and this number is rising up.

Few things we need to keep in mind to perform better in search engine optimization :

  • Site should be responsive (Mobile version of the website will not perform well ).
  • Your website should be optimized enough to load faster than others (Hubspot says that your website should load in 1.5 seconds to retain users in your site ).
  • Keep to content same in both desktop and mobile version, so that user finds all the information from their mobile phones.

This is the few very basic changes you need to do in your website and make it mobile friendly.

4.Blast it with Videos :

According to a survey everyday around 50 years of video is getting uploaded in youtube.

50 years you need to see all the videos which are uploaded in a single day in YouTube!!!!!

That’s crazy right ??

Well, Cisco conducted a research where it found that around 80% of all the data will draw traffic from only videos by 2021.

Wow , this is the power of creating a video for your brand.

For example: Look at the views on the song Despacito its over 4.5 Billion. That’s hell lot of traffic for a single video. Google itself receives around 3.5 Million searches everyday.

Just imagine the power of videos. People this days are prone to watch more videos than to read text files.

#In addition to this you can also go for Creating a Podcasts.

Neil Patel’s Marketing School gets over 5 Million downloads per months.

And now practically, never big firm is doing that because they know the value of podcast. Podcast are simple audio tutorial files.

Suppose, you know a ton about e-mail marketing. All you need to do is to record an audio and upload it.

You can upload those podcasts in your own website , itune’s podcast , soundcloud etc. from there your desired user can tune in and listen to your views.

Podcast plays a very vital role now-a-days because it conveys your user and clients how much you know about the topic and those your reputation increases.

This results more brand-awareness and results more traffic and better page ranking.

When you upload a podcast of around 5 mins and your user listens to it, Google RankBrain counts the time and returns a positive feed back helping in search engine optimization.

#Try to rank in voice searches.

Now , around 40 % of people are likely to do voice search and for that you need to be prepared.

This days as most of the people are going haywire in voice search with apps like Siri , Cortana , Google voice etc etc. the numbers are increasing day-by-day.

5.Go for Structured data.

This is Super cool this days, however google is not accepting Structured data as their Ranking Factor.

Let me show you an example:


structured data


You can see in the picture that :

That result with Rich Snippet looks way better and the probability, that a user will click on that is high too.

Rich Snippet or structured data defines a website’s information better and optimizes the website better.

The simple way to implement structured data in you website is to go to and  you can get the codes from their and put it in your website as simple as that.

Schema is a collaboration between search engines like Google, Yahoo, Being, Yandex etc. It helps search engines to understand the website better using rich snippet and it also enhances user view.

5.Hit Backlinks.

The best way for off-page optimization is create Backlinks. The more quality back links you have in your website the better your ranking will be and the more traffic you will get organically.

There are basically three types of backlinks which can redirect links to your website :

  1. Natural Links: Natural links are not created by the admin. Natural links are like if , I have a blog and you are putting the link of my website in some other website and someone is coming to my blog site this kind of links are called Natural links.
  2. Manual links : Manual links are the links which the admin create for the promotion of their website in different website for getting traffic but hold on the quality of the links should be good, garbage links are not accepted. Google can disavow you if you are putting garbage links.
  3. Self-created links : When someone is adding their URL in different forums, Directories or blogs with optimized anchor text. Then these sites can multiply your URL into many site and its keeps on building. This phenomenon is called Self-created links.

Furthermore, you can ask your clients to put a link on their site which will direct the user to user website.

Put your link in all over social media like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. this website provides very good amount of traffic.

You can also put it on YouTube, from there too you will get backlinks.

Another great way is to do site submission on website/url submission sites.

Just go to google and type website submission site, you will find a long list of directories.

Go there and submit your url, they will provide you good amount of backlinks for you site.


These are the best ways to optimize your website for search engines.

Use this 5 techniques and you will find that your website will start getting better on the searches. Search engine optimization is an art it requires time effort and creativity.

Upload video, go for podcast, use rich snippet, write engaging contents  and you are half way down to create a great website which you rise up in SERPs.

I hope you will like this article .

You can comment down below if you have any questions or anything you wanna add-up.




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