How To Do SEO For Your Website to Get More Traffic Easily.

1.What is SEO and Why do we need it?

Ans: Well if you are having any website or anything which is related to Website then it’s your Weapon to
unleash your Competitors and leave them behind and earn some REAL CASH. Online Businesses or
Businesses which deals with websites the best they can do to increase their Revenue is go for SEO and increase
the visibility and Speed of their Website the not only makes your website better or faster, the real deal is by doing SEO you will be increasing our audience by Miles. I would like to Mention some of the benefits of doing SEO to your Website.

  • Few Advantages you will get after successfully doing the SEO part:

  1. It will Give you Better ROI (Return On Investment) and increase your sales by anywhere from 5-10% from its initial states.
  2. It will make your Brand more Trust-able as people Love and Trust Google. So, you are on the first page of search then your brand name is shining as people always remember the first person, be the one.
  3.  Currently there are more the 1.3 Billion Websites in the world and they all are in the race to beat you down.     So, Stand part and stand tall do SEO and it will increase your page ranking making your page more optimize.   Certainly you will start getting better day-by-day.
  4. It will definitely increase your Sale as you are more visible and people will find you more easily. So the easier you are to find the better clients you get and hence you start making money BIG TIME.

2.Can we Do it or do we need specialist for that:

Ans: I know after a lot of googling and research you will find that people will say that you can do it in 10 Steps and you can do it easily and efficiently but its not actually true for everyone. If you are coming from some IT background or you have degrees like Software Engineer , Computer Engineer, Data Analyst etc. etc . then you will find it relatively easy and by some tips and tricks and you can learn slowly.
But if you are  totally a guy or gal who haven’t touch coding and HTML in last Seven Births than its a tough journey for you but you can do it. A famous Poet once said ” where there’s a will there’s a way”. From my personal experience i will try to explain some easy things which you can follow to do SEO For Your Website:

1.Use google webmaster:

Go to google Webmaster and register your Site. As Google is the daddy of the Internet, Register there and your website will be now listed in Google’s Server.

2.Register in Beingtoolbox:

Go you Bingtoolbox and register, there it will be register in both yahoo and bing as both are merged now.

3. Insert Keywords:

Open the Source file of your Website and Do some edits and quick fixes to it . Go to Title Tag and Insert keywords to it which google Crawler finds when it enters your website.



Keywords are the Language which Search Engines Speak. Want to make you Website well optimize and more Google Friendly try to make it speak google Language and make it learn KEYWORDS.

4.Content is the king:

Describe your Website better if you can describe and explain your website better then Google As Well As
People will find you more easily because they can understand you better. Content has the power to change
the world and it can certainly win your website over your competitors.




**According to a Study the Website which Appears of the top of the first page has got over 1.5 times more content in it . The Body of the website Holds a lot of space to insert good quality content. Better content tends to better readability which refers to better page Ranking and better Page Ranking refers to Increase in Product sale. Which generates more revenue.

5.Insert Meta Tags:

Insert Meta Tags which is only visible to Google and Other search engines which will crawl your Website. It Also help other Web developers to understand your website better as they get the overall information of your website from the information which you have provided or inserted in your meta tag.


Last but not the least it is the most important thing which you have to focus on is the URL.Google or any other search engines start crawling a website from its URL then its crawls other components of your website. So Insert information about our niche in your URL its will certainly boost your website and help search engines to crawl and introduce your website better to the world.


These were the on page optimization which you can apply in your page to make it more optimize and google friendly.

Now, this if not enough for SEO for getting real good in SEO you to off-page optimization too.

Off-page Optimization :

Well, Off-page optimization refers to all the measures that can be taken outside of the actual website in order to improve its position in Google Searches. These are measures that help create as many high-quality incoming links as possible.

The Concept of off-page optimization because only on-page optimization works less then 50% in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

Whereas, off-page optimization affect Page Ranking and seo by more tha 50% .

So,if anyone is not doing off-page optimization then he has already lost the battle. Because everyone is doing this and ranking their website in google.

Doing off-page is very very crucial for bringing more organic traffic to you website.

The best way for off-page optimization is create Backlinks. The more quality back links you have in your website the better your ranking will be and the more traffic you will get organically.

There are basically three types of backlinks which can redirect links to your website :

  1. Natural Links: Natural links are not created by the admin. Natural links are like if , I have a blog and you are putting the link of my website in some other website and someone is coming to my blog site this kind of links are called Natural links.
  2. Manual links : Manual links are the links which the admin create for the promotion of their website in different website for getting traffic but hold on the quality of the links should be good, garbage links are not accepted. Google can disavow you if you are putting garbage links.
  3. Self-created links : When someone is adding their URL in different forums, Directories or blogs with optimized anchor text. Then these sites can multiply your URL into many site and its keeps on building. This phenomenon is called Self-created links.

This are the main techniques of backlink building and why off-page optimization is important aspect of website.

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