Social Media Marketing vs Email Marketing in 2018.

Today as a Business owner and a Marketer, you are into a constant fight between which one to go for your business whether its Social Media or Email Marketing.

Let me break the bag for you.

Well, I have been testing both for quite sometime now. And here is what I found.

First lets gets started with Social Media:

Social Media is huge now a days. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Musically etc. are filled with shit load of people. There are around 2.63 Billions Social Media users in 2018. And the numbers are getting up each and every moment.The recent study found there are around 11 new users who are entering in the world of Social Media every Second. So, how many in a day ??

Staggering 9,50,400 every single day. Wohh..!!!

That’s close to Million people a day. So, just imagine the size of this industry. People are flooding here. According to a recent study around 80% of the users of Social Media are on Mobile.

Now these were about the numbers. What about the Business ?

The Business is also great, “if” you can pull it off. The conversion rates of Social Media Marketing is way low than compared to what Email is offering. Social Media is great for building you social profile and do the branding of your product. As we all know we buy stuffs that we know. But lemme ask you a question.

How many of you actually “Buy” from Facebook Ads or Instagram or Youtube Ads ????

Not many isn’t it. The reason is very simple. Its psychological. We don’t usual trust the products which we see on Social Media why ?

Because the reason why we use social media. We all use social media for our entertainment purpose isn’t it ?

For Example, if I am watching some comedy video or anything close to that, why would I click on some random Ads which are thrown to me by some marketers and companies based on my behavior of the searches I do ?

I would simple skip that. But even if I am not clicking the Ad or buying anything from there. The company is doing good with its promotion.

And that’s what matter in the first place. People will only buy when they know about you. And that’s where social media plays its role. Social Media is a great place to create awareness about your product and tell people about it.

Now, lets jump down to Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is almost Zillion Years old process and still its a Rockstar. The conversion rate in Email Marketing is Daddy. It’s huge when you compare it to any other Marketing tactics. Whether is SEO, SMM , PPC or anything nothing compares to Email Marketing.

Even today in 2018, Email is offering more than any other channel has to offer. Well, I am doing email marketing for around 3 years now and I have seen my clients tripling their businesses in no time. All you need is a good database of Genuine People and a product that gives values and help people to solve their problems. And you are good to go..!!!

Their are People like Neil Patel, Tai Lopez etc. whom we all know have managed to build several Multiple Million Dollar business with the help of Email Marketing and still people are crushing it.

What which one should you go for ??

It all depends upon what you want. What is your KPI ?

It can be Views, Leads or Sales.

You should go for both of them. Try to create a balance between both the Channels.

Social Media will make you product a “Brand” and it has the potential to go viral and make your product know to Millions of people in a matter of Couple of Days.

And on the other hand, hit people of the Inbox. Cuz in the end you create business to create wealth and money. And if you are not creating money, then you are not doing justice to your Business.

Go hard on the quality of your product and go intelligent of the marketing of the same product and you will be rewarded by the results my friend.

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