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Why Do You Need A Website ?

Top ten reasons why you need a Website :


” If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates.


1. For Small Business to gain Credibility: The best reason to update yourself and directly jump over and create a website, is you can create your credibility and your brand value in the world.

If you are in google and people are finding your business in search engines they trust you more easily and your brand value goes up by a milestone.


2. Website can take your business Globally with a single click: From the moment you create your website, from that moment you are accessible to the world and your clients can find you from any part of the world with a single enter to your URL.


3. It will work 24*7 on your behalf : We human beings have got limitations. We can work maximum 10-11 hours a day at max but our new partner (Website) can give a labor for our business and our brand 24*7 non-stop to help and support our business and our brand.


4. It will help your customer to find you easily : Weather you live in a small town like Plainview or in a state like Las Vegas our internet buddy won’t judge you. Any one from any part of the global can find you easily just by typing your url and clicking enter. And you will be available 24*7 there.


5. Your website will help you to beat the big guys in your market : Now this is the real deal and Facebook and flipkart are our biggest example. Before facebook, Orkut was there and when facebook launched it’s website, facebook took orkut by miles.

Now, almost half of the globe is on facebook and I don’t need to tell you how many of us are using orkut.
The same story goes to flipkart. When flipkart launched it’s website nobody knew that it will sell more than Amazon India.

So, getup and built your website and show the world what’s your true potential.


6. It’s your storage heaven : Now, we all are familiar with google drive and icloud and now recent IBM cloud which launched recently. We all can store data over there.

But all this provide us a very limited access.

Imagine a place where you can store infinite data which you want to store and can display it to the world and gain profit from there???

Sounds amazing right?

We can do all this with our websites.


7. It improves your customer visibility : If you are on the internet then your customers will find you easily. We all know this fact but most of us don’t want to create a website and go live to the world.


“Having a website is like having a name written in the sky, which can be seen by everyone in the world and those who want to connect you can connect in a flick of an eye.” – Chandan Sharma.


8. Sell your product online : Now we all know this is the fact that once you have your own website you can open your store globally. We all know how e-commerce websites work.

If, this works for them why not this will work for us????

No one sells a product which is alien to us. Everyone sell what we know about.

So,if big companies like Amazon, Flipkart can become what they have become now just with the help of a Website.

Why can’t we ???


9. Advertising : For doing the advertising part we all can jump to Google Adwords or to facebook promotion.
SEO and online ads are a great way to build up awareness about your product. The best part is you can be on the top of the list when your client search about your product, which you are offering just by doing SEO and other promotion.

This can bring you a lot of traffic and can boost your business skyrocket.


10.Your Competitors are doing it : You will find all your competitors own a website and they are doing it better than you right ?????

Absolutely, The Golden rule of being successful is…


“Follow the path of someone whom you wanted to become and you will endup being at a place where you always wanted to be.” – Chandan Sharma.


This is the formula of success and everyone knows this but no one follows.

Be the guy/girl who you want to be and be bad at it and you will end up being Successful and that’s my promise.

Now coming back to me.

How can I help you do all this Stuff ?

You can mail me and I’ll get back to you.

Grow your Business

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And together we will skyrocket your business .

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